We specialize in web design, website maintenance, website re-design, graphics and logo design, and digital photography for small and medium-sized businesses, personal webpages, and bands and musicians. For these sites we can include photo galleries, guestbooks, message forums, calendars, greeting cards, chat rooms, shopping carts, and more.

If your hosting provider doesn’t offer the necessary tools for guestbooks, message forums, shopping carts, or other scripts, we will create and host the add-on features that you need at Desert Sun Valet. Then we can link these to your site to make them accessible to your visitors.

We can also moderate and maintain these for you to make sure that the content remains appropriate and unoffensive.

Please feel free to browse our portfolio for examples of our designs, graphics and photography.

Personal Webpages     UP

Have you been looking for an easy way to share family photos with relatives who live far away? Or are you wanting to share your artwork, hobbies, or other information with the world? Let us create a personal website for you with or without a photo gallery.

We can also customize shopping carts if you would like to sell your artwork or crafts on the internet.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses     UP

Do you own or operate a small or medium-sized business? Would you like an internet presence for your company or are you wanting to sell your products online? We can create a website for you complete with a shopping cart feature, if you’d like.

Then allow us to customize a logo and business cards for your small business that correspond to the theme of your site.

Bands and Musicians     UP

Trying to spread the word about your music? Let us create a site for your band. If you would like, we can include MP3’s so that visitors to your site can sample your music.

We can create a website for you to share photos of your band or fans, sell merchandise online, and allow your fans to interact with each other and with you through guestbooks, message forums, and chat rooms.


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